Your 12th Man!

The two main areas that businesses focus on are employee and customer engagement, but you're forgetting about a big player in your business...
Your Partners.
Keeping your channel partners happy is a key aspect to a successful business.
Just remember... if you take them for granted, are they going to continue working with you in the future? The strength of your business and the strength of your channel partner engagement go hand in hand with one another.
So how can you maintain/improve your channel partners engagement?

Celebrate Your Partners Achievements

Awards Conferences

Listen to your partners

Constant communication

Create more brand value

Create an incentive for working with you

A channel strategy to drive a positive relationship

Having a strategy in place which encourages channel partner engagement will benefit your business on all fronts. Rewarding your partners for success with your customers, works to encourage engagement from your customers and partners simultaneously.

So let's get the 12th man in play!

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