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Health and Safety Awards

Our Approach

Using incentives & recognition generates a positive health and safety ethos. That can create a massive impact on your organisation, financially and culturally.

Employees can be engaged, recognised and / or rewarded for:

- Following health and safety procedures
- Achieving outstanding health and safety performance
- Actively supporting a good culture on site
- Participating in specific safety initiatives such as risk identification
- Demonstrating specific safe behaviours

Tools & Services

We can help you improve Health & Safety with:

- Instant, card based thank yous
- Manager-to-employee instant rewards
- Peer-to-peer or manager-to-employee recognition with thanks yous and messaging
- Online recognition with e-thank yous, texts and mms
- Health & Safety Award packs containing thank you cards and rewards
- Incorporate heath & safety criteria into your existing recognition scheme

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Health and Safety


  • Reduces downtime due to injury and incident investigations
  • Develops a zero accident mindset, minimising accidents
  • Maintains a positive working attitude for your employees and a safe environment for both employees and customers
  • Increases the logging of near misses and proactive issue reporting
  • Avoids costly litigation

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