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5 Travel Incentive Destinations

A&I Top 10 Incentive Destinations

Having schemes which offer travel incentives is a great way to push through an increase in sales during a short amount of time. Having monthly small prizes and weekly updates to the engaging users keeps them on the toes while pushing for the bigger prize.

Travel incentives are all about thinking outside the box, and really thinking of a location and activities that your employees can relate to.

We've comprised a List of Our Top 5 Destinations, including a few from 2016 that we organised.

Starting from the bottom:

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

Not too far away from home, and as one of the colder destinations on our list, you can't go wrong with Iceland. With a Thermal Spa, the Northern Lights and the rocky glaciers of the landscape, there is plenty to keep you going on a trip.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

Not many think of it when it comes to travel destinations, but the capital of Denmark has plenty to offer at both ends of the spectrum. With beautiful artworks around the city in one hand, and one of the best Amusement/Water Parks Europe has to offer.

3. Lima, Peru

Journeying into the heart of Peru you'll experience a rooftop to the World! Created by the magnificent Andes forming a backbone of rock and snow from north to south, Peru is a mountain country. With thirty-seven mountains over 6000 metres you'll be amazed by the sheer height and immensity of these stunning peaks. All in all, a spectacle benefitting those who love to explore and yes, we organised this one.

2. Dubai, UAE

With the tallest building in the world situated at the heart of the city, this trip is not one to miss. Acting as a get away mixing business and pleasure in one, Dubai is set as one of the shopping capitals of the world, and with so much space surrounding, venues for a conference for example are not hard to come by. Oh... We organised this one to.

1. Barcelona, Spain

Topping off our list is the big boy! Barcelona! With the city offering a tremendous amount. A City with history, passion and plenty do see. Ranging from the Camp Nou, with an atmosphere like no other, to the Sagrada Familia, a 130 year old building still being constructed from the designs of Gaudi. With the cherry on top being that very sweet race track, which kicked off the 2016 Grand Prix season. You guessed it, we smashed this one too.

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At a Glance

Travel Incentives are one of the most looked to reward scheme for employees. Reaching high sales figures and creating friendly competition within the business to encourage employees to go that extra mile to earn a trip of a lifetime.

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