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Cost Effective Employee Recognition

Cost Effective Ways to Recognise Employees

Incentives can be amazing... but they are also short term. Once given the reward there's a chance of getting comfortable again. Here's some ways to recognise your employees that are cost effective and can be used time and time again. Make sure that whatever way you choose, is eligible to all your employees, you don't want to exclude a team member because that will de-motivate them.

Flexible hours
Let your team work round their own schedule, if they want to make up the hours in the week and have Fridays off it will ensure deadlines are tightly kept and they are coming back to work each week happy after a three-day weekend. It may also help if they have children to have flexi-time as they can work around daycare services/school hours.

Who doesn't love food as a treat... Once a week or even once a month you could treat your team to breakfast, pizza or cakes. All fuelled up and ready to go – it breaks up the routine and is a winner all round for those foodies.

Day off pass/extra holiday
Your employees might jump at the chance of an extra day's holiday – whether this is a day off they can spend with their kids in the summer holidays or a day off to do their Christmas shopping, it'll be appreciated, especially if they can choose their own day off.

Say thank you!
Something so simple can be so effective. A lot of employees are happy to receive praise or a thank you. It can go a long way as it makes employees feel like they're good at their job! Also, if you add your employees name on the end e.g. "Thank you Carol" it becomes more personal.

Casual Fridays
Dress down Fridays have become more popular, by letting people loosen up and come comfortably you are putting them at ease rather than them working stiffly in a suit and tie. Comfort is key and if swapping shiny shoes for their comfiest trainers enables them to work better and concentrate less on what they look like then why not?

Why not try one of these recognition ideas for yourself? Let us know how you get on! Or if you already do a cost-effective scheme that works for you and isn't on our list then please share it with us.

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