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Is Teambuilding Important?

Teambuilding facilitates better communication, if you're doing an activity that creates discussion then it'll make employees feel at ease when communicating with management and each other. Team leadership and building go hand in hand, it'll motivate them to take on challenges, which will make them feel more comfortable in expressing ideas, opinions and qualms.

By taking people out of the office you're breaking the routine up a bit and by mixing employees together it can ignite fresh and creative ideas. Creativity is important and it's a great quality to bring back to the office. In any job there will be problem solving, team building requires people to work together to solve problems and think strategically, hopefully it'll enable them to take the same effect when back at work.

Most importantly, it breaks barriers. Team building increases the trust factor, it's often found in corporate setting there is a disconnect between teams, this will bring people together and will also give employees a chance to see their leadership as a colleague rather than a boss, doing wonders for morale.

Below are some fun team-building experiences you can try:

Go Ape
Enjoy a day out, from solving giant puzzles on the forest floor to walking across wobbly crossings, and going along a zip-line, there are activities there to suit everyone. Spread across 32 locations in the UK you can conquer your fear of heights together or just have a breath of fresh air for the day – there's no better place to spend it than in a forest amongst the tree tops!

Scavenger Hunt
This task requires little or no money put into it. Break your employees up into teams, make a list of funny tasks that they must complete e.g. Selfie with a stranger, get someone to buy you a drink etc. Give a list to each team and the first to complete the list by the given deadline wins! It's a great bonding exercise, an excuse to get out the office and the winning team could be rewarded with a prize like half day off work or pizza bought for them!

Escape Rooms
This is one that tests leadership and problem solving. The experience consists of being locked in a room for an hour, the only way to escape is by working together to solves a series of clues, riddles and puzzles. Most locations in the UK will have a series of themed rooms to choose from with a story-line, brought to life with props, sounds, and set designs.

Charity Team Building
Why not get your team involved in something for a local charity? That way they can build communications with each other and feel good at the same time. A sponsored walk or run is easy enough to organise and will get groups mingling with each other – as well as bring their competitive side out! This could also be done in company t-shirts to help promote and this will be good for the company's notoriety and community exposure. If running isn't your thing then why not host a bake off?

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At a Glance

Some love it and some hate it, but team building is important and can factor many changes in your company. Even small, silly events such as a work sports day can improve the workplace.

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