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Employee Recognition Platforms

Engagement & Recognition: Using a Platform

Employee recognition keeps the relationship between the employee and employer healthy, so when you recognise your staff, it makes work all that more rewarding. Lack of recognition however, can have the reverse effect and cause problems with staff engagement and motivation.

When Employees feel disengaged, they will often look elsewhere for work, Survey Monkey recently conducted studies, in which found 51% of employees would take another job if offered. People shouldn't feel like they are working to live, they should be living to work! Disengagement with staff can be costly, and some of these factors will cater for the loss of money: Low productivity, less new business, poor customer service, errors, taking the time to hire and train replacements, the spread of negative attitude and much more!

Most employers know that recognition and engagement is important within their workplace, but unfortunately sometimes this can fall as a last priority in a busy work environment where time with individual staff is limited. Online platforms, whether it's social media or a company site, are a way we can show employee recognition across a wide spread company, they also enable one of the key aspects of employee engagement which is empowerment and Peer-to-Peer Recognition.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition is important in many ways, here's how:

  • It will boost morale and team spirit within the company because everyone will be coming to work together for a shared goal within the company.
  • Employees will perform better in future tasks if they are given praise by their peers, it makes them even more motivated to do great work.
  • When employees recognise each other, it gives them a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of belonging. Thus, helping to lower staff turnover. As mentioned, many employees stay with a company that looks after them and they feel happy with. A high staff turnover can often lead to poor morale which will also make others want to look elsewhere.

In most instances for online recognition platforms, it includes all employees, and is a space where they vote for/nominate each other based on a criteria/category. If you work for a big business where you might not have even met the owner it might hard to receive the recognition you deserve, but this way your peers can show you their appreciation by nominating, and it really gives that small company feel when the person sat opposite you is recognising how hard you work.

These platforms can work in many ways – Social Media platforms are great use for a pat on the back and a confidence boost, or you can go that extra step and create a bespoke site where employees can leave nominations with a detailed description of why they are nominating for that particular person, then at the end of the year host an awards ceremony somewhere nice for the top nominees for that category, this way they can celebrate their success and feel appreciated within their company. A nominations scheme can also increase morale with a little healthy competition and motivation to do well.

Here at A&I we can help you create the platforms and events for recognition, if you need any help or have any questions then don't hesitate in getting into contact with us – you can see the results of what we do here: /results

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Employee recognition keeps the relationship between the employee and employer healthy, so when you recognise your staff, it makes work all that more rewarding.

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