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The aim of a reward is to show your employee that their work is valued. When receiving a reward it serves as motivation to keep improving their quality of work. Travel, technology, and experiences are all highly attractive rewards and can produce all kinds of outcomes in sales incentives, channel partner incentives and employee engagement. So, if you need some incentive inspiration, we've got it covered!

Travel Incentives
A trip to New York – The Big Apple is a city that never goes out of Fashion, with plenty to do and see there are few people who wouldn't appreciate a weekend break in the city that never sleeps.

View the Northern lights in Iceland, with thermal spas, lava fields, glaciers and volcanoes to visit there isn't much time to sit around. Iceland has become a very popular tourist destination within the last few years. It's very picturesque and worldly and has a very lively arts and music scene, great for the explorer or the relaxer.

Dubrovnik a beautiful city in Croatia is a blend of cultural and natural attractions, and a perfect place for the avid Game of Thrones fan. Why not include a Game of Thrones tour where you can visit places like the 'Docks of King's Landing' and the street where 'Cercei did her Walk of Shame'.

Experience Incentives
Animal Encounter for 2– From meeting Meerkats to Swimming with Crocodiles, this is an experience hard to forget. Spread over 6 different locations in the UK, you can choose from a variety of animals to handle and spend the day with.

Bounce Below – Take a trip to Wales and spend time jumping through 6 levels of trampoline-like nets, the difference to trampolining experiences is that this one is set deep beneath the ground. A fun day out for all the family.

Hire a Private Chef for a night for a unique culinary experience in the comfort of your own home. Teamed with butlers and waitresses, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a meal complete with wine – and best of all, no washing up!

Tech Incentives
An LG Smart TV with a year subscription to Netflix – Binge watch a series like Narcos and Peaky Blinders or spend a rainy day with the family watching an array of movies, a huge selection to suit all.

Apple Watch is a lightweight way to stay connected and away from your phone. With this you can take calls and texts, stream your favourite music, and track your workouts, all whilst attached to your wrist.

The new Amazon Echo is an all singing all dancing piece of tech. It can connect to Alexa, which is a cloud based voice. It can play music, make calls, you can ask it questions and much more upon your request. It comes in a range of colours to suit you.

Maximum Flexibility
With a MasterCard business card it can be completely branded to your company. When an employee or customer spends on it, it'll remind them of the scheme and why they have got that card. It offers versatility and flexibility as the card can be spend anywhere that MasterCard is taken.

Don't get fobbed off!
Alternatively, a secure way of carrying money around is with a pre-loaded fob. Employees can transfer money to this fob, which is perfect if you're buying lunch or using the underground. Don't just be limited to a key fob, we can place the chip inside pretty much whatever from a wristband to a sticker, or even a rubber duck!

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The aim of a reward is to show your employee that their work is valued. When receiving a reward it serves as motivation to keep improving their quality of work.

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