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Social Media: Benefiting a Business

Social Media: Can it benefit my business?

So, A&I have finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon! But is social media really THAT important? The answer is yes! If your target audience uses social media (which is most people) then you should be using it too. Social media can give you that direct contact and ability to interact with your customers. It gives them a chance to see your fun side to the corporate world. Read below to see how we think social media helps.

1. Connect to your audience
Social Media is more prominent now than it ever has been, almost everyone has at least one account on something. It has opened another channel in which your customers can communicate with you. Whenever someone wants to connect with you, the most likely place they'll look is your social media, it's also the first place they will go on when they want to leave a review, this is giving customers an opportunity to give insights into the company which will make them feel important to you – and they are! Customers' insights will give you the opportunity to improve your products or services. Now with options like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram polls, you can ask questions and then you'll get your feedback, making that human connection with them rather than a corporate one.

2. Watching Competitors
We've all done a bit of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram stalking in our time, and keeping an eye on our competitors can keep us in the loop with what they're doing. This could help you to make your own advancements in your industry. With their information so accessible it's easier to compare their business to yours, and a pro of this is that you can see what is working for them which could help improve your business strategies.

3. Website Traffic & Sharing
Every time you post about your company you should include a link to your website and blogs, every time someone shares your post they are sharing that link. The more people who click on the link to read it, the more visits you'll have to your site, thus the higher your rank on google. You can view your traffic and page visits through google analytics to see what people are clicking on most frequently and what they want to read, which will help you keep a grip of your audience.

4. Brand Awareness
Whatever you post on social media will reflect on how you are viewed as a company. You need to remember that anyone who follows your business profiles will see it. So, whether it's a blog or a silly company story/photo then you're getting in front of your viewers. It's a plus for you if your followers share it to their profiles as their followers will also see it, and so on, meaning your brand can be quickly recognised.

5. Loyalty
The audience that follows you is more likely to stay loyal to you. Social media is like a comfort blanket, it tells you everything you want to hear and gives you everything you want to see. It's best to familiarise yourself with platforms and target audiences and what they use the most, what's also important is that you don't spam social media with the same content and blog posts every day.

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So, A&I have finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon! But is social media really THAT important? The answer is yes!

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