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Making noise: The Rise of Podcasts.

Make some noise: The Rise of Podcasts.

I'm sure most people know was a podcast is, but just to recap, a podcast is a series of audio files made available online and for download. They're often set up like a radio show in which people speak about varied topics either on their own or with guests. You can even subscribe to different podcasts so that you never miss an episode, by downloading them It means you are able to listen whenever it's convenient for you.

Now, podcasts aren't new, but they are becoming more prominent as technology advances. But why are they important to you and your business?

Starting out
Well, for starters the are EASY to create. They don't require any investment, so they are perfect for a small business with a limited budget. You don't even have to go to the lengths of getting recording equipment, all you need is a basic smart phone or tablet and a quiet room to get started. Although you will be centring your podcast around a subject, it's not often you'll need to write out a script, as they are conversational.

Podcasts don't need your undivided attention, whereas a blog of video does. All you need to do is put some headphones in and listen. Many people also like to wind down after work so the thought of sitting down after work and going through papers in their spare time might seem like a drag, where as a podcast can be listened to in the car or on the train, or even whilst cooking dinner.

Expand your knowledge
Information is often taken in more when you're listening rather than reading. When reading we can get distracted or bored, but it' only human curiosity to listen to what other people are saying. There isn't a restriction of who can make a podcast, so whether you work in events or in a cake shop it doesn't matter, and neither does your topic. iTunes and Soundcloud have millions of different accounts and active users, so not only will your audience expand their knowledge, but you can also expand your audience.

It's important to be able to connect with your audience and keep them interested. You might have heard the sad news recently of BBC presenter Rachael Bland passing. Rachael had a podcast called "You, Me and the Big C" it was about being a cancer patient and the challenges she faced. But although it was a challenging subject by creating a podcast about it, it made people understand more and by talking about it in a more personal and colloquial way, and now even though she has passed, her podcasts remain to help people talk about a subject that they find hard to talk about. It has since topped podcast charts.

Regularly hosting podcasts could help your confidence with speaking in public, as a result conferences, meetings and presentations won't seem as much of a chore.

Why don't you give it a go today! What have you got to lose? There aren't any drastic downfalls of a podcast, and no financial loss. Sure, you might have to build up your listeners, but there's not really any reason as to why you shouldn't start a podcast.

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Now, podcasts aren't new, but they are becoming more prominent as technology advances. But why are they important to you and your business?

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