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Winter Warm Incentives

Autumnal/Winter Incentives

As the colder weather creeps in, and the darker nights dawn on us, it's harder to keep your employees motivated during the autumn/winter blues. Who doesn't feel less motivated when it's dark coming to and leaving work? But you can help rise productivity with incentive tactics – some costly, some not!

1. Gamification
Technology and psychology work well together in gamification. It integrates a gaming element into work making the environment a fun and effective experience. You can choose what kind of games from spinning wheels to scored games and quizzes. When it's shared peer to peer, it can boost competitiveness and productivity. Good feedback can then most likely strengthen working relationships.

2. Recognition
Here at A&I we have launched many recognition programmes which support online and offline nominations. The offline employees receive a personalised card. We send out the relevant communications to keep people invested. After the nominations have been submitted, they are shortlisted, the shortlisted then attend a dinner/awards ceremony with an overnight stay. Although there are plenty of ways of showing recognition this is something that has proved to work and can ensure that employers work hard all year round.

3. Rewards
Rewards come in all shapes and sizes, from technology to tasty tipples! There's something to suit everyone. But why not think outside the box to something that your customers can afford to aim for if we're talking loyalty, or something that your employees can realistically work towards? How about a night's stay and a ticket to watch the fireworks in London or another city on New Year's? Or perhaps a ticket and overnight stay in a city with a huge German Market like Birmingham or Manchester, not forgetting London's iconic Winter Wonderland.

4. Travel
Who wouldn't like to be whisked away between October – February? Imagine swapping your scarf and hat for swimwear! Even if your budget doesn't stretch as far as the Caribbean, people are still sure to work hard for a holiday or city break in Europe that they haven't had to pay for.

5. Monetary
If you don't want to give the cash away then why not exchange it for some vouchers? That way you will know that your employees are spending it on themselves. Everyone needs a little treat every now and again around Christmas. There are plenty to choose from and have proved to be a good motivator!

If you like any of the above ideas then why not get in touch? Contact us here: hello@a-igroup.co.uk

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As the colder weather creeps in, and the darker nights dawn on us, it's harder to keep your employees motivated during the autumn/winter blues.

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