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Is Gamification Effective?

Is Gamification effective?

Is Gamification effective?
This week our blog is focusing on gamification and if it would be effective for your business. So, let's start off by talking about what it is. Gamification is the application of Game Playing to areas of activity or to campaigns. It can include anything from point scoring, wheel spin prizes, internal competitions etc. Typically, Gamification is a technique to keep you engaged with a company's service or product.

So, is it effective?
The simple answer is yes. As a company who has used this strategy before we know that it works. It boosts the fun factor, can encourage a little healthy competition and makes learning a lot easier. Gamification of rewards is important to include into the process of engaging participants, usually in incentive or loyalty programmes. It doesn't only have to be used to for incentives, it can also be used to draw in audiences. Audiences can see you for the fun company that you are which might drive them take up your customer, if you're just wanting feedback then you could create a survey or quiz that offers a prize draw, you can choose how long they are ran for.

What types of gamification could you offer?

-Scratch Card – Click to read about our scratch card incentive project.
-Spin to Win/ Instant Win Codes
-Prize Draws

How can social media help me?
Not only can Social Media help showcase your game or competition, you can create gamification through social media. It isn't unusual now to see a post which has "Like this page/post, share it and tag a friend to win". This creates a buzz around the reward, and makes the prize lusted after because you can see that everyone else wants it too. Also announcing the winner on social media will give them a sense of achievement and satisfaction, which means the customer or employee will most likely stay loyal to the brand.

If incorporating gamification into a campaign, or to help publicise your brand, sounds like something you'd like to get on board with then why don't you get in touch with us? Contact us today at hello@a-igroup.co.uk

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This week our blog is focusing on gamification and if it would be effective for your business. The simple answer is YES! Read on to find out more...

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