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Games & Prize Draws

Our Approach

Gamification of rewards is important in the process of engaging participants in incentives and loyalty programmes, but games themselves can also be used to drive interaction with your audience. They can also take the form of quizzes and surveys to improve brand knowledge among staff or increase feedback from customers. Additionally, the option for prize draws with different run times or level of prize can be incorporated within your programme.

Tools & Services

There are an array of options for games and prize draws which can be customised to your requirements. Here are a few examples that could work for you:

- Scratch Card

- Instant Win Codes

- Games of Chance

- Sporting Challenges

- Prize Draws

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  • Choose from a range of games
  • Set mechanic - prize draw, scratchcard etc
  • Set your win ratio
  • Set your rewards
  • Set your reward probability

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