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Our Approach

With core modules covering communications, engagement tools, flexible points conversions, content segmentation via profiles and of course rewards and banking facilities, the RewardsHub can manage every aspect of your campaign. With online, quizzes, games of chance, videos, polls, visual tracking, self-targeting, dream rewards and automated communications linked to performance, our innovative online channel platform provides a total engagement, incentive and reward solution.

As a CMS based platform it can be customised and adapted to match your structure needs, brand and identity completely or, you can apply simple white label branding.

As it reacts to customer performance, the RewardsHub platform is an engaging, fun and rewarding mechanic that incentivises and builds knowledge. It helps small and large organisations to achieve their sales goals.

Tools & Services

We offer three different platforms in which you can engage with our RewardsHub:

RewardsHub Reward Builder
Accumulate or bank rewards over quarterly periods. A range of target levels and rewards available.

RewardsHub Target
Encourage long-term loyalty with rewards based on targets; calculated by recent history.

RewardsHub Member
Collect points based on a range of sales and behaviours. Tiered membership levels.

These platforms provide information to Channel Marketing Managers, who then use it to:

- Identify and communicate with key target audiences
- Generate brand exposure and improve product knowledge
- Align partners with and encourage positive goals and behaviours
- Maximise sales and marketing budgets to increase or maintain market share
- Identify and react to market requirements
- Control and MI via reporting module access across multiple campaigns
- Reward performance

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Features of a RewardsHub:

  • Set up multiple promotions for your target audience
  • Run themed tactical promotions
  • Define eligible products and activity and associated awards
  • Dynamic self claim forms with claims approvals
  • Upload sales data to auto award points for activity completed
  • Set targets and tiers
  • Prize draws and interactive games of chance
  • Individual and company leader boards
  • Track individual performance against target
  • Programme specific emails, messages and notifications
  • Product library and resource area
  • User sales activity & points statement
  • Spot prizes

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