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Behavioural and Sales Incentives

Our Approach

Sometimes, to generate engagement you need to get the ball rolling with a bit more of a bang. Incentives are a great way to grab attention, generate excitement and build momentum for your wider engagement objectives. A&I are experts at developing incentives to meet a variety of sales and engagement objectives for example, improving customer service, encouraging employees to understand the organisations values and behaviours or to generate sales.

Tools & Services

We start with your answers to our in-depth research, throw in some A&I experience and structure know-how then mix with A&I's range of incentive tools and mechanics. Pretty soon we'll craft an automated incentive that will engage your audience and create measurable results. With A&I's platform you can control the mechanic, utilise different sets of targets and track performance throughout the campaign.

Examples of how this can be used include:

- League based ranking system

- Hit & win or top performer

- Prize Draw or Instant win

- Team or Individual based

- Game / promotion based

- Accumulators

- Escalators / multipliers

- Increasing product knowledge

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Create your incentive

  • Sales analysis, group & goal setting tools
  • Segment Management
  • Flexible Rules & Measures
  • Set Targets and bonuses per particpant or measure
  • League views
  • Visual Performance Trackers
  • Game and promotion mechanics
  • Countdown clocks
  • Manager tools & overviews
  • Automated communications
  • Management Reporting Hub

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