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New Ideas & Innovation

Our Approach

What's the old adage your teacher always used to quote?

You've got two ears and one mouth and should use them in those proportions! Employee Voice is one of the four core engagement drivers. Putting mechanisms in place to enable your organisation to hear your employees is vital to drive innovation and change and in driving commitment and buy-in. New Ideas and Innovation schemes offer your employee's the opportunity to contribute their ideas to improve your products and services and be innovative in every area of the business.

Tools & Services

A&I have developed an intuitive, modular web solution offering our clients a device responsive platform, with flexible options to suit your audience. We'll provide you with a New Ideas website so that employees can submit new ideas whenever they feel the need. With an engaging process and a range of great options for both online & offline staff, everyone can make a contribution. And, with an array of approval & communication techniques available, you can manage the review, feasibility and approval process in the way that suits you.

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  • Choose your categories
  • Flexible Criteria, Values and Imagery
  • View submitted ideas and outcomes
  • Range of different posters, cards and digital cards
  • Manager tools to track effectiveness
  • Range of online review scoring and approval methods
  • Automated communications
  • Management Reporting Hub

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