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Target Rewards

Our Approach

Our Target Rewards system is a brandable, ready-to-go, self-funding sales scheme that will incentivise your audience with a wide range of exciting rewards. A flexible, tiered target structure driving sales of both high & low volume participants with one simple mechanic.

Participants are allowed to choose from one of six tiered spending bands, which contains their individual pre-set stretch sales targets. Each target has a reward associated to it, ranging from a small reward, i.e. a case of wine, to a trip to New York.

Tools & Services

We offer a mobile-friendly, personalised website that looks after the process from registration and rewarding all the way through MI reporting. You can determine the target levels and we'll calculate the specific targets for you, tracking performance along the way with regular sales and data uploads.

We'll aim to boost performance and drive engagement with direct communications to participants, increasing consumer spends and promoting loyalty to your brand in the process.

Our Target Rewards initiative can be used for various purposes. You can use it for:

- Prospective or existing customers

- Direct customers

- Channels & re-sellers

- Sales teams / branches

- A fixed period on an invitation only basis

- Incorporating product tacticals

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Our Target Rewards system can benefit your business:

  • Simple to understand
  • Low or no financial risk
  • Minimal set up cost through self-funding programme
  • Easy to pilot to test groups
  • Light touch as fully managed
  • Cleanses your data
  • Proven results – 89% sales increase from qualifiers

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