Internal Engagement through Play

The Project

An internal promotion to support the launch of a highly publicised customer promotion. To maximise the opportunity for success, the client needed the promotion to land quickly and for their national branch network to be aware of both the sales objectives, the rules and the mechanic.

The Solution

A&I utilised the prize draws and interactive games of chance mechanic from our rewards hub platform to create a mini campaign to launch the promotion at the company's sales conference. Half way through the Conference promotional leaflets and unique play codes were given to each staff member. On successfully answering a question about the promotion they were given the opportunity to play a 'Scratch & Win' game to win a Weekend Experience for two. They entered their unique play code and scratched the play card to reveal their prize.

The Result

The game created a fantastic buzz at the Conference, with branch staff keen to find out what they could win. By repeating the customer mechanic for the staff, albeit with lower level prizes, the branch staff became familiar with how the scheme would work and could support their customers.

By utlising the reward hubs prize draw mechanic, the client could see exactly who had played the game and therefore, which branches were ready-to-go. This reporting linked into the customer promotion incentive, which showed the client each Branch's engagement with the promotion and where additional help was needed.

The full customer promotion helped contribute to the client maintaining sales volume in a highly competitive and promiscuous market.

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