Secrets of the Incas

The Project

A&I were asked to create an incentive to drive loyalty from the principals of franchises, driving them to utilise the manufacturer's finance, rather than independent offerings. The programme would run annually over 9 months and should create excitement throughout the whole period with peaks at key times.The project needed to be a cost effective method to encourage prolonged loyalty to the business and provide a positive return on investment.

The Solution

A&I created the design concept, built a league based performance website and managed the communications for this high end incentive travel event. The communications were designed to attract the audience, engage them in unique and fascinating aspects of the destination, and create competition for places through segmented performance-based communications. Initiatives such as Top Performer Monthly Awards, In-month Awards, bonus points, a run-rate calculator and spot prizes maintained momentum throughout the whole 9 month programme.

The Result

The results were exceptional in terms of engagement, measured by email open rates, website login rates and surveys.
There was 90% participation across the business, with the scheme having success in increasing sales with Sales targets exceeded by 15%. Sales targets were exceeded in volume and breadth, including significant over achievements from qualifiers (top 20%) and a high percentage of the overall audience hitting individual targets. The Incentive trip strength means it is now included in negotiations on finance partnerships.

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