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Employee Recognition

Our Approach

To Engage & Motivate Your Staff

Your staff & their alignment to your values & behaviours are fundamental to the success or your business. Great things happen when everyone in the organisation understands your vision, values & behaviours and feels appreciated for their contribution towards it.

Tools & Services

Make it Personal!

A&I have developed an intuitive, modular web solution offering our clients a device responsive platform, with flexible recognition options to suit your audience.

We make it personal, allowing your employees to express their creativity and add their own touch to cards, posters or rewards. With a range of great options for both online & offline staff, with an array of approval & communication techniques available, we'll help you recognise in a meaningful way.

If needed, the recognition module can be linked into the reward catalogue, allowing your people to choose from a wide range of exciting rewards.

Take a look at our case studies for live examples of our work.

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  • Choose your recognition levels - quick msg, e-thank yous or nominations
  • Budgeting tools
  • Hall of Fame, View My own / Team's Activity
  • Flexible Criteria, Values and Imagery
  • Recognition Ready Reckoner
  • Range of different posters, cards and digital cards
  • Manager tools
  • Range of online approval methods
  • Automated communications
  • Management Reporting Hub


A well structured recognition programme:

  • Improves productivity
  • Demonstrates leadership integrity
  • Makes values meaningful & provides measurement
  • Drives employee engagement
  • Drives customer engagement
  • Reduces absenteeism & staff attrition

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